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Along the road I managed to find this beautiful citadel which was to my surprise simple and beautiful. The citadel was recently restored and it was a pleasure for me to visit it and learn its history. It wasn’t planned in my road trip but seeing it on my way to Brasov I told to myself that I must go there. The citadel has such a beautiful history and I enjoyed visiting it. One of the interesting things that I found were the small opening from the wall through which they were spying on enemies. Every room was built for a specific purpose and everything was well organized.


Even though I stayed a little time I loved the diversity of the place and if you would go on top you could admire an amazing view of Transylvania which felt like a place out of Greece. Every corner of the citadel was provoking your imagination. I recommend you dearly to visit the Rupea Citadel and it is a must if you ever visit Romania.


What I wore:

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19 thoughts on “ Roadtrip #RupeaCitadel ”

  1. A friend who visited Bran Castle remarked to me that she regretted the surrounding kitsch. I would love to make her familiar with your lovely blogs. Please let me know if it is okay to share with someone privately on Facebook Messenger.

  2. Rupea Citadel, Romania….check! Added it to my bucket list 😀 You look amazing in the photographs, and the walls of the citadel gives rise to a whole different set of imagination and stories untold. 🙂

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