I live in such a beautiful city full of history. There are so many places to visit and this year was designed as European youth capital and I am very proud to live here, Cluj-Napoca.

Every person from Cluj knows the main parks but there are also many more beautiful parks that can be visited. This week I discovered this park, near where I live in Gheorgheni neighbor.



Even though Spring still hides from us, the weather was nice enough for a walk in the park. I wanted to relax a bit more before I went home and started to work at my new creations. And yes, finally, I have made a collection. Lately I spend a lot of time in the textile shops looking for the perfect materials. Still I am behind schedule with it. I will talk more about the collection in my next post, at which I am working already.


ramonacrisstea ramonacrisstea

Lately everything is so hectic and busy, the weather doesn’t want to be on my side and I won’t even start talking about university, but I received a gift which made me feel a lot better. It is so nice to enjoy presents, especially the ones you really want. I got 2 BalBer watches. Between us, receiving one was perfect but I would never expect to receive 2 and that made me very happy.

The watches are gorgeous!


BalBer combines the English & American heritage style with renewed design, resulting in fresh and elegant timepieces with up to date, cool, smart and clean trends. With this nostalgic origin, BalBer Fusion Classics Timepieces has been designed which includes elements that provide it with its own personality: classic essence and innovative character.




Extremely versatile timepieces that serve both men and women as a complement in multitude ways and styles of dressing.

On this note I want to finish the post, but let me tell you that you can  acquire a Balber  watch with a 10% discount using the promo code “ramonacrisstea” at www.balbertime.com



Best wishes,ramonacrisstea






52 thoughts on “ See you soon… ”

  1. Nice story-board, Ramona. Great contrast between the line of your body and the prickly echoes of the hedgerows in the third picture from the bottom. And the flowers are such a great touch – taking the time to see beauty in the small details. That’s so you!
    I’m stuck, though, on the size of the handbags. For some reason I see you towing a steamer trunk behind you in the near future…

      1. Yes, I’ve seen the smaller hand bags. They’re very nice. It’s the trend that I’m noticing. Carrying a bigger bag is all very nice if we fill them up with gifts that bring joy to those we love. But if they’re filled with burdens, they can be a problem. Here’s hoping yours are filled with gifts!

  2. What happened with the invention fair by the way?
    Well, as far as University goes; without challenges our life would be mundane. You will be filled with pride once you complete your studies. Good luck and work through the challenges!

  3. Absolutely love that watch! I’m a watch person at heart although I don’t own one 🙂 This post has been my pick-me- upper on a rather gloomy day on my side of the world, with Winter edging closer and closer. Thanks for visiting and following my blog as well.

  4. Hi Ramona. Nice watch. I have not worn a watch for years. I was given one when I had worked in my job for twenty five years never taken it out of the draw. Thank you very much for liking my poem Certain! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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