Bralette. I just love them. They are so comfortable and so beautiful. My grandmother bought one for me a long time ago so that I could wear it when I would grow, but I only started to wear it since last year. I never thought that bralette will become again such an important piece in our underwear. They are so loose just perfect for summer days. I never tried to make a bra, but always is a pleasure to try new things. Because of that I wanted to make a step by step tutorial on how to make a lace bra for you to try.

Trust me it is so easy to create your own bralette!


The steps:

We will need an A 4 sheet of paper to make a pattern for the cups. We will make 2 of them just like in the picture. To be as precise as possible we can use a bra of our own and measure it. After you sketch on the paper you cut along the lines and stick them to the lace.


We cut the lace along the pattern. In total we will need 4 pieces to create the 2 cups. It is crucial to make them as equal as possible.


We will turn them inside out, merge and stick them with pins.


We will sew at the sewing machine leaving a small gap for a correct procedure.


After that we will take the thicker elastic and measure the bust. Try to tighten the elastic and after that cut it.


We will take the other lace and stick it to the elastic using pins on the front side. You do the same thing with the cups. Don’t forget to put the 2 cups at the middle of the elastic!


Sew along the elastic and lace with a 1 cm seam from the edge of the elastic.



Next we have to sew the clapping device in the back. Be careful not to put it backwards. If it is to difficult to this with a sewing machine you can try sewing it manually.


After that you try it on your own. You stick the 2 braces with pins and measure how long they will have to be. For this design I added 2 new braces from the front.


And we are done!Β 


Doing your first one will be the hardest. Get a friend and try to make it together. Probably you will want to create more and more.





Best wishes,ramonacrisstea

81 thoughts on “ Sew your own lace Bralette ”

  1. Ramona, you just became one of my favourite bloggers with this post. I have some lace left over from other sewing projects and I intend to make this bralette for sure. Keep the posts coming!

  2. This is freaking AWESOME.
    I don’t know though… with my clumsiness I see myself snagging the lace or accidentally spilling coffee all over it.

  3. Ramona, Your photo seems beautiful & your website elegant especially how to make a Bralette! I must check out more posts! Thank you for the “Follow” & “Likes” on my excuseusforliving.com website & my recent posts! You are so kind! Phil

  4. Reblogged this on truefaze and commented:
    I have a huge lace fascination (obsession) and I’m looking around for ideas when I finally start constructing lingerie. I love the simplicity of this style. Noted and appreciated.

  5. I love this idea! I really enjoy reading your blog. Would you be able to help me design mine? I started early this year but i’ve been struggling to find the right layout

  6. Well, I am not sure that I will be wearing one of these any time soon, a bit too youthful for me. Thank you for deciding to follow my blog, Your fashion sense, style and sewing appeal to me but I am not sure when you get time to read! I sew a lot, especially for my grandchildren (which is a bit of a giveaway and why I doubt whether I will be wearing a bralette). I like that dress though.

  7. Dear Ramona, Thanks for the bralette instructions, I might make one for myself! Thank you too for following my blog. What led you to have an interest in my blog? I love to get to know you and how my writing might support you.
    I hope you find future posts inspirational and encouraging your path of mindfulness, empathy and compassion.

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