I know that every one of you has a unique story related with your favourite shoes. But how it will be if you would stop searching and instead creating? You heard me right. Create your part of story which can make you important and unique. You can create and personalize you favourite pair of shoes, sandals and so one with any colour, material and every little detail you can think of. This is possible with a brand   called Shoes of Prey.



A beautiful spring day with a simple dress made of lace, spring flowers like lilac and the gold heels Shoes of Prey created by me to the smallest detail, made everything perfect.I have chosen to create a pair of metallic rose gold shoes with a small detail inside using water color floral. Maybe it will be helpful for you if you want to reconstruct the exact same pair like me. On their site which can be found HERE, you can start with a blank canvas and let your imagination go wild. It was such a great experience for me and I can’t wait to wear the heels again in the future.



My story will continue at the graduation prom where these shoes will be more than perfect. I can’t wait to wear them at the prom and I advise you to wear your favourite shoes at every important occasion from your life. Shoes of Prey have a really beautiful message for us and I am very glad that they came with this idea of personalizing your shoes. A while ago I was even wondering where I can put in practice my ideas and also see the end result so quickly and share this experience with my girlfriends. I think that you already observed that you are able to create and print on the shoes your own messages to remember. For me, I wrote my name because I was very excited and I always want to remember my first shoe design.




“We have a deep love for beautiful shoes and spirited women. Our passion is handcrafting quality, customized shoes that are as unique as you are. A lot Australian and a little bit cheeky, we believe fashion should be personal, playful, and never prescribed.” by  Shoes of Prey


However, I couldn’t end this post better than with a well earned giveaway for you, my readers in which you can win your own designof shoes. All you have to do is to follow the steps bellow or even sign up directly on instagram (@ramonacrisstea).

GIVEAWAY! To win your own Shoes of Prey custom design steps:

Design a pair of shoes and describe the shoe you’ve designed in the comments
1.Follow me on Instagram @ramonacrisstea also the @shoesofprey
2.Go to the link HERE, design a pair of shoes and post a comment describing the shoes you designed
I’ll select the winner randomly. Giveaway closes on 24 May.

In addition to that I have a special promo code “RAMONA”  for you which offers you a free unique custom inscription which is valued at 75$. It is nice to have with you this little detail like a date, quote or anything else to remind yourself about a special moment.

Good luck all of you and have fun!!

Love is about giving!

Best wishes, 


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  1. Hello, I designed a pair of Rose gold shoes, size 36, narow, style Closed, with mary jane strap, round cap, wedge heel, 2.7 inches, butterfly bow decoration, no front decoration- just blush nude suede and italian blush nude for upper part. I didn’t even knew that you can customize in so much detail a pair of shoes!!

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