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Life offers you many opportunities and you must take advantage of them. I made many choices in my life and I learned to be patient because as it is said: “Everything will happen when it is supposed to happen”. I believe that this is true.

Even though life did not give me the opportunity to study fashion design I never forgot what my grandmother thought me, when at the age of 4 she gave me a needle and I learned to sew. She was an extraordinary woman. All the wonderful work she did, the traditional costumes sew with love, the incredible color of the gobelin tapestry which came alive on the canvas served as proof of my present work. It was the most wonderful thing a person has ever thought me. I will still sew. Life is a seam on a never ending canvas.

Although my grandmother is no longer with us, I wish to dedicate this small collection to her. Everything she thought me it was not in vain and I will continue to do what I was learned, what I learned to love so much, sewing.

For my grandmother, Roman Margareta Rodica


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Ramona Crisstea - lookbook simplicity grey dress



Ramona Crisstea - lookbook simplicity





ramonacrisstea (3)ramonacrisstea504


Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


78 thoughts on “ Simplicity Lookbook by Ramona Crisstea ”

  1. Thank-you for the profile pose in Victoria. I was thinking “Agh! What did she do with her hair?”
    I am amazed by this talent you have, Ramona, for letting the fabric do what it does without allowing it to become undisciplined. I hope that you still get to spend time playing with your materials, as I imagine that maintaining such a skill depends upon it.
    I lived with a fashion designed when I was in college, and she did sketched with figures in pose. Do you do the same, or does your personal arrangement evolve in collaboration with the photographer? There’s obviously intimacy and comfort in that relationship. Lucky you both!

    1. Thank you for all the support as always and yes me and the photographer are collaborating in choosing my best poses.
      I really appreciate all the kind words and the support along the way!
      Best wishes, R

  2. My mom taught a whole troop of Girls Scouts how to make their own clothes by using patterns by Simplicity. Made my self a skirt with matching jacket in 6th grade. People today do not learn how to sew or even cook for themselves.
    Jeanette Hall

  3. That blue gown…love love love! You did very well. You are so talented!Keep doing what you were born to do!
    And congrats for your multiple nominations.

  4. Hi Ms. Ramona! Thank you for following my blog. Youre my first follower by the way. I love your posts and youre very pretty! I’ll make sure to vote you 💋💋💋 God bless!

  5. These looks are gorgeous and so my style! What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. If you have the time I would love to interview you on your work for my site! Let me know.

  6. Oh my golly gosh! I had stumbled across your blog and clicked on the cover photo for this post to fund out where to buy the red dress online (after saving immensely of course). These designs are absolutely wonderful, so flattering and could rival anything on the runway just now. Followed for more… inspiration!

  7. Well you have got some mad skills. I’m so in love with that grey (gradient) dress! And the black and white one- Dear God! Your grandmother wouldn’t “be” proud of you- I believe she IS. ;0) You’re proof that an official degree in fashion is simply unnecessary when you have the raw talent within you already. So impressed. 🙂

  8. Wow, your collection is beautiful, but I think your testimony about your Grandmother is even more beautiful. My Grandmother taught me to sew as well, when I was just a young girl. It’s so beautiful to see you honoring her and her legacy in this way. It keeps her spirit alive and spreads it throughout the world. You are doing wonderful things.

  9. Wow Ramona that’s beautiful. My whole family was born & raised in Italy and all learned alterations as their trade. They didn’t has schools back then, they all simply had to learn a trade. Now, 4 of them are successful European boutique and alteration shop owners in South Florida. I can identify with you so much & hope you don’t find my chatterbox mouth annoying, lol. Your grandmother would be beyond proud, in fact, ‘proud’ would be the largest understatement of the year. Xoxo 💋 Graziella H.

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