I am sure that most of you already heard about Soufeel and their incredibly jewellery. Today I will talk about the Soufeel bracelet and the charms that I have chosen. But until then I will tell you in a few words about the Soufeel and what does it mean.

SOUFEEL was founded in 2009 and since then they create the most beautiful charms, beads, bracelets and other accessories, and offer them to  ultra-competitive prices – all backed by their class leading guarantee and customer service.

Soufeel products adopt 925 sterling silver, Swarovski and colored gems as main raw materials. With interchangeable charms, you will be delighted in many possibilities by selecting from over 500 designs of charms. Soufeel products also encourage personalizing your own memorable charms with your favorite photos to celebrate your memorable days.

I love to be a free spirit and the memories which can be expressed through thoughts. In addition to that I love even more the ageless things that are important and linked with your memories and which can be kept for eternity or even used as gifts. This is what I feel about Soufeel. I am so happy about my choice of getting a bracelet with charms and I started thinking what should I remember this bracelet for. Being close to graduation I felt that this bracelet should remind me about all the beautiful moments, trips and passions that I started to love along these 4 years. I love to travel, photography, I learned what love means, I started to love what I study and because all of these reasons I have chosen a red charm for luck, a blue one with snowflakes to remember me of my birth month, January, a pink car which represents my love for travel, a graduation owl and a charm with harts for all the persons I love.

I hope you like my small bracelet from Soufeel and I am sure that the charms that I have chosen will always remind me the things and persons that I love every time I will look at them. I can’t wait to wear this bracelet at the graduation ceremony.

What I love the most about these charms is that are made with incredible details and I you can relate to so many of them.

And don’t forget that you can make your bracelet even more special with something of your own which will make it unique and memorable.

You can find Soufeel – HERE

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