Spring outfit idea

Today is the 29th of February, a day that we celebrate once in four years and I thought to share with you an outfit idea for the next season. We expect a beautiful Spring, with beautiful flowers and unique celebrations, an opportunity to enjoy again the sunshine.

Spring outfit idea Ramona Crisstea

Spring outfit idea-Ramona CrissteaRamona Crisstea

All these being said, I couldn’t find a better outfit to embrace Spring than a jumpsuit. You can wear a jumpsuit at any occasion and can be accessorized easily, no matter the event, even if you go for a walk in the park with your loved one.

I would like you to start the new season full of happiness and leave the cold matters in the winter and make room for great things to happen in your life. Try to focus your time on beautiful projects, learn and enjoy them. Do not forget about the romantic walks with your loved one or, if you don’t have one, try to give someone a chance to know you and be happy. I wish you to have a happy season full of flowers and sunshine!

Spring outfit idea Crisstea

Ramona Crisstea-Spring outfit idea 1

What I wore :

Jumpsuit – HERE

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


30 thoughts on “ Spring outfit idea ”

  1. The fabric is delightful. Subtle textures that invite the eye to linger. The drapery in third photo (against the stone) is delightful. Did you have to adjust the pant leg to your heels to get that to happen?

    You’ve got this delightful expression on your face. How should I put it?

    And Ramona said “It is Good.” And it WAS good!

    Lucky guy to bring you flowers!

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