Yes. Winter is dead. Or that is what you thought. Can you believe that a few hours before I made those photos was snowing?


If it was still the First of April we could say that the weather made a great prank on us but today is 2nd of April, even though it was nice to see the snowflakes and to snow this beautifully. I managed to finish my pleated dress and I thought that I should do a photo shoot and enjoy the rest of the day, a day that did not have any trace of snow anymore.



ramonacrisstea Because of the snow I was thinking that I should tell you about the environment and how we perceive it. It is said that the environment has a big impact on what people we associate with, the nature of our profession, in which part of the country we live, the clothes we choose and the thoughts we have. And you couldn’t agree with me more. But my question is:

What does the environment provide our minds with?



The environment should provide the mind the proper material helping it discover the true purpose, managing to achieve anything you want. Nobody makes us stay in the same place. If something comes up we can always change the environment. A simple detail which we should take into consideration is to visualize the next environment, know why is better and know on which direction we are going.

ramonacrisstea ramonacrisstea

We should never give up and stick to our goals until we achieve them.

I recommend you the book: The golden rules of Napoleon Hill



And again, in the ending I want to ask you what do you think about this outfit.  ♥

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


73 thoughts on “ Spring Writing ”

  1. I like the blue colors on you. Black is always good. I think I would like that look with the jacket better if your hair was down and free flowing. Just my preference though. You are beautiful either way.

  2. Great look, there’s no reason to wait for summer to wear a maxi skirt! 😊 I love this outfit, I think you’ve inspired me to get my maxis out too 😙😙

  3. I like the complementary colours and accessories. The pleated skirt is a work of art and, although it doesn’t show the skirt’s full length, the profile image is my favourite. Thank you also for the A A Milne quotation: it inspired me to post another of his wonderful rhymes

  4. What does the environment provide our minds with? A question that interested America’s most famous writer on the environment, Henry David Thoreau. He lived in the mid 19th century, but if you google his quotes I’m sure you’ll find many that apply today. And you may like this post where I matched his quote to a pic I took.
    As always, your photos show an impeccable sense of style. 🙂

  5. Your new pleated skirt plays with the wind like April clouds against the sky. Our environment affects every part of our lives as do the people that we with.

  6. I like your photos, I use to take photos when I was young. Now I am 75 and my eyes will not allow for those things anymore. I live in Melbourne Australia and we are in Autumn now and the temperatures are still high.
    Best wishes…

  7. Not a big fan of long dresses.This one was different and nice,so I enjoyed the dress and the jacket. Nice combination. The forthysia was beautiful in the background.

    joy to you

  8. i love your jacket! and your big skirt. you give off the feeling of flight, as if life is a big sky, and you are a bold, almost smug <3 pilot. i think it's the aviator-like jacket, your windblown skirt, and that smirk on your face haha i like it.

  9. I love your shoes! I I do hope for warmer spring weather here in Munich so I could wear happy color clothes like your blue top and yellow. Thanks for visiting my blog and I”m glad you following me.

  10. Thank you for liking my posts and following my blog (such as it is). I have to admit I was a little freaked out when I clicked on your first recommended post “How to sew a bralette”. Now I know what a bralette is and how to sew one! Nonetheless, you gave me the opportunity to explore your blog and admire your lovely photos. Peace and happiness to you….

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