Ramona Crisstea- Spring

Ramona Crisstea-Spring


I never thought I will ever wear an entire baby blue outfit. However, I did it and it feels so good. It is such an easy color to wear.Ramona Crisstea (2)Ramona Crisstea - Thoughts

Sometimes when we have to make some choices we deny them from the start and don’t try to see the result. This way, we will never know if something is for us or not. Many things are so fitted for us and look very good even if the “fashion law” says the opposite. Sometimes we must break this law and see what happens. The more we try things that we like or we do not, or the more we listen to the advice of a friend or a blogger, we learn about ourselves. We are full of surprises and that is why we are beautiful. That is the reason we discover every time something new in us.

Ramona Crisstea

Ramona Crisstea - pastelBlogger

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


24 thoughts on “ Spring ”

  1. Greetings,
    This is a wonderful post. Beautiful photos. You are particularly lovely in this outfit.
    The Kerouac quote is perfect! :).
    All good wishes,

  2. I must say, it is a color that looks good on you! Fabulous outfit. The color is really just right. I like how it seems to change based on lighting, getting that nice steely gray tone in low light or shadow. Pretty!

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