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I always appreciated silence. Even when I am at the seaside I prefer the quiet beaches with little to no people. This is the way I feel good and I can enjoy myself.

Ramona Crisstea Zaful Ramona Crisstea Ramona Crisstea-swimsuit

The first thing that I do when I arrive at the sea is what swimsuit to wear in the first day, due to the fact that for me, the first tan is the most important one. If in the first day I will tan with strips, they will disappear really hard. Believe me that I still did not find the best solution and I always want to wear the full swimsuits in which I feel best. However, the irregular tan problem appears. You will be able to observe this irregular tan of mine in the days to follow until I will manage to cover it and also to leave this place with wonderful memories.

Ramona Crisstea - The sea

In the second day I wore I wore a full body swimsuit from Zaful.

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


15 thoughts on “ Summertime ”

  1. That was brave of you to choose such a rugged terrain of rocky beach and stony slopes. It must have taken several hours to get to the black sea from Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

  2. As a guy with a natural tan, I generally don’t have those issues. I can understand them for women though.

    You look amazing as well. The choker is cute and the braid is gorgeous.

    Thank you for sharing.

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