In how many ways can we spend a beautiful night?

Does it matter with who are we spending the night?

Everyone has different opinions and everyone knows the best  how they feel around someone or if they are alone. It is said that the best way to make a decision when we are uncertain is to write on a piece of paper everything that our head can produce, because the ideas are lost in the absence of calmness and order, but the words are those which make sense. Writing always triggers something magical.


. You will ask me what is the link between how we spend a normal evening and writing. Writing helps you to free yourself and after a few minutes your perspective will change. A good way to know ourselves and make the good choice. For example we can choose with who we can spend the night.

But still, to free ourselves from the  thoughts that hinder us, it is recommended a walk.


“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking”

It is true right?


Smile, laugh and forget all your problems for the rest of the day and take a relaxing walk with a dear person. Those are the best moments. A walk means taking care of us, helping the body and mind relax, detaching of all, breed fresh air and change the scenery. We consume our all energy during the day. When everything seems too much during the day, in the evening try to enjoy the silence of the night with all the positive thoughts.crisstea

Best wishes,CR


76 thoughts on “ Take a walk with me ”

  1. I like the layering you’ve put together there; the coat and sweater over the slit skirt, nice 🙂
    Walking or jogging does help my writing. Ideas just seem to pop out when you’re not trying.

  2. Outfit is absolutely breath taking on such a beautiful woman 😉 love love love what you wrote – especially “Everyone has different opinions and everyone knows the best how they feel around someone or if they are alone.” So so true!

  3. The last picture is excellent! I like that you took pictures with a phone booth. Pay phones have really disappeared and are as common as a clear photo of a sasquatch.

    I also like your story. It is amazing how much you will see and think once you pull yourself away from the daily hustle that puts blinders on our eyes and only make us see the direct path to the place we are rushing away to. But when you stop and look around you and ponder…ideas flow like water.

    Have a great week!

  4. Ramona 🙂 you are a star, thank you for sharing such thought-stimulating messages.
    I will always take a walk when I am stuck on a University essay. When I have gathered all my historical evidence, I know that answer is there somewhere, but it is hiding… Then I go out, taking my dog with me, and just walk. Soon the pieces of my puzzle come together and I have an AHA! moment :), it all becomes clear. I feel like walking is the key to thinking. Did you know that many of our great thinkers and inventors in the past would walk to think?
    xX Zoe |

    1. Yes I did know that many thinkers used walking as an inspiration methods.
      It is so great that you can take your companion dog for a walk with you. I wish Ginger would be more like him but a cat is a cat.
      Thank you very much!
      Best wishes, R

  5. In Julia Cameroon’s book, “The Artists Way” she describes the process of writing daily pages; writing three pages of conscious stream of thought each morning, it’s a great way of getting all your thoughts onto paper and freeing up space in your brain for new things to happen. I have practiced it a little and it has a really big effect on my thinking, feeling and attitude.
    I also love walking meditation!
    Your pictures look great 🙂

  6. You’re such a beautiful and amazing person Ramona. We need more people like you in the world who’s paying it forward with motivation rather than money. Stay true, thank YOU! 🙂

  7. Hi Ramona ….you walk the world in a beauty so fresh and lovely ( I agree , my highest inspiration often appears while I am in nature , walking ) love xxxmeg

  8. Thank you, Ramona, for electing to follow me, I hope I won’t disappoint you. I can’t really tell where in the UK those photos were taken. Your outfit is very nice, I like the combination of blouse and skirt, the hemline rather sets the look off, and the sweater and cape, you did pull the outfit together very well. I think the pink purse or clutch, I’m a man so I really don’t know all the proper names for articles of clothing, was a bold idea, quite a contrast to the two different hues of blue.

  9. I hope you don’t mind–I plan to use this quote from here on my website’s quote collection ( I try to encourage people to write to express their souls :
    “Writing always triggers something magical.”
    –Ramona Crisstea

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