After 5 days spent in the heart of Sibiu I can say that I am in love with it.β™₯

How many times did you fell in love with a city? What about the people who you met in that city?


I want to tell you that I have never met nicer people. Every person gave you a reason to smile due to their politeness. I can say that I learned a lot during the period spent in Sibiu. This whole experience was so relaxing. Yes this is the word. Relaxing. It is good to know that when we are relaxed we are more efficient in what we do. As I recall, relaxing wakes the creativity within us, intuition and ideas which help us personally and professionally. Everything is so well linked, relaxation, creativity, education.

ramonacrisstea-the greydress1


When you wish to be relaxed but you can’t do it in any way, think about the place that made you dream about creativity. There you will find the relaxation that you seek.


Creativity is a state that exist in every one of us, no matter the age and taking advantage of that can change our lifes permanently.


What I wore:

Shoes: Zara

Dress: Handmade by me

Watch: Mockberg

BAg : Vintage

Best whises,Β ramonacrisstea


73 thoughts on “ The Grey dress ”

  1. When I read that you made the dress yourself, It took on a newer, brighter, and more beautiful message. It was your creativity and hard work that made everything come together so well and matches your wonderful personality and manner as well.

  2. Splendid dress, I love how it fades out. And Sibiu looks like a beautiful town to visit. Never heard of the before before today but I can totally see how it’s been labelled as one of “Europe’s most idyllic place to live”

  3. The past is a great learning tool. However, once the moment is gone it will not come back. If you spend your days trying to get back at others…gossiping and trying to make others look bad then you will never be in the mind frame to spend that time trying to improve yourself or to be creative or passionate about something that gives you joy.

    Great post!

  4. What an incredible shoot! Amid all these angular forms and flat planes of color we have these swirling folds that rise upward into hungry pleats full of shadow. With all the artifice of modern fashion and beauty, it’s amazing to see so much done to accentuate feminine beauty with just a few gathers and bands.
    I fell in love with Portland when I was there last year. The people just seemed glad to have me with them, while in my home town there is always so much calculation.

  5. What an amazing and beautiful dress! Your words made me want to visit that town, it is so great when you stumble upon a place that really reflects things to you. Time spent somewhere that you can be more creative is always a win!

  6. You look amazing in that outfit! Gorgeous heels again too! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been to many cities.. and I have fallen in love with a lot of them. But the one place I really love is Auckland.. and that’s mainly because the people from New Zealand are absolutely very nice and super friendly.. and they are suhc a bunch of helpful people! No strings attached.. not trying to earn money from tourists/foreigners.. they don’t expect tips. They are just genuinely friendly and really want to know about you! πŸ™‚

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  7. You DID the dress? Brilliant. Lovely. And fits you perfectly.
    Any chance that you might develop your own line? You have a talent.
    Or sell it on-line? Why not?

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