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Maybe some of you knew, or some didn’t that I was born in a city situated in the heart of Transylvania. I grew up taking wonderful and adventurous trips in this beautiful Transylvania from the Carpathians Mountains. This place has a special place in my heart, Cheile Turzii. Every time I come back to this place I instantly remember all the good memories I had there. I wish every person on earth could see and appreciate the magic of nature and what wonderful gifts offer us. It is everywhere we look. It is a part of us that will always be by our side. You can find natures beauty everywhere you look. Just stop and admire this beauty.


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The heart of Transylvania Ramona Crisstea

All these being said I wanted to get to some words that had such a powerful emotional impact on me today. These words make me remember how important is life and how we should live it to the fullest.

 “I would always say, “there isn’t enough time or money” but those were just excuses. What I was really afraid of was failure. I needed to stop thinking that my goals were impossible and start thinking that I have the power to decide how I am going to live my life everyday.”

These are the words of a lady which was diagnosed with cancer and lived her life to the fullest, “7 wonders in 13 days”. She braced up and did something that she never thought she could have done during her lifetime. There are so many things that we are capable of but we don’t even know it. We only push ourselves only when we are on the edge of the cliff. My question is why? I would like that everyone of us would fight for their dreams. I have to say that I couldn’t hold myself to share with you her words. I hope this raised a question for you and motivates you to live every moment of your life to the fullest.


I wore a dress designed by me.

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