We all travel through life with big luggage, sometimes excessive. Wouldn’t we start wondering and asking why are we so attached to some things?

Everyone associates his or hers image, even if they don’t realize it, with something they own. At some point every one of us will be crushed by the weight of all the things that we own, and all our wishes will multiply. Many things are in vain but others are not.



In my opinion, we should stop owning so many things and stop defining our image by the value of things. I find this society so wrong concerning this point of view. Why we won’t start changing our point of view and really know a person through his or hers thoughts or actions and leave apart the material things.



Life is so beautiful if you would live in a simple, old, clay house near a lake, with a simple material condition. Just what we need.


During my 1st of May vacation at this gorgeous lake, Colibita, I had time to think and ask myself of this problems. Life is so simple when you are surrounded by all these beautiful things, the fresh air and welcoming nature. The simple life at the countryside is the most beautiful and healthy one.



Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


75 thoughts on “ The hidden Universe ”

  1. Such a nice post liked the photgraphs the foreground and the backgrounds all amazing sure wished people still made piles of hay like that in these parts thats so oldschool

  2. Hey, girl. When I think of a life like this, there’s a lot of chopping wood and sowing and reaping involved. Of course, a peace descends when the work is done, if we allow it: the peace of living things that know that they are tended and serving a vital purpose.
    The cultivated garden is a beautiful religious and spiritual metaphor, which you personify gracefully (and without pretensions, I feel) in this dress. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. I really like your message. We could all benefit from less material items and a heavy dose of fresh air!

    I love the back of the dress you are wearing. You look beautiful!

    Very beautiful scenery, too!

  4. Beautifully said and beautifully shown. Yes, possessions (things) should be kept in proper perspective. They can make life more fun, beautiful, easier, interesting, etc., but should not be accorded undue importance. We can live quite well without a lot of things. Sometimes simpler is better. Nice post.

  5. Congratulations on your nominee!! Your posts with the beautiful play of pictures proves that you are worthy of it!! Beautifully written 🙂

  6. I sometimes feel bad posting my comic strips in the art category, because it’s mixing crudely-drawn rabbits making fun of everything with good stuff like this. But the artists seem to like it, so I guess that’s okay.

      1. Well I’m not sure where that is.. Ill have to google…..oh its Romania. I always wanted to visit that country. I was living in Greece and was so close…. I wanted to volunteer in the orphanage. I actually wanted to adopt also. I’m fascinated by your country.

  7. hello ramona crisstea its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is sum byootiful seenery up their!!! it luks like a wunderful playse to git away and reelaks!!! i wil mayk shoor my dada votes for yoo to win in yore kontest best of lukk!!! ok bye

  8. Ramona, The simplicity you speak of & show is a riches in itself! And the simplicity you exemplify as a person is deep with richness of wisdom. Best wishes for all your nominations. I am voting already. Phil from excuseusforliving.com

  9. God has made you beautiful on the outward appearance. You have talent with your ability to show fashion and write well. Keep your heart full of His love for not only others, but for the Lord as well. Thank you so much for your support at our blog! Please tell a friend about us as well!

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  11. I like your thoughts:) The more we possess the more we realize what we do not have. All things we have, can be taken away from us. Therefore only smart investments are those that make us experience something as they make us grow and these lasting memories are forever and nobody can take them away from us.

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