The ideal dress

Life always gives you tests. We face a lot of situations, occasions and opportunities but also difficult ones. All those circumstances formed us as a person and thought us to look after our future. When everything is set and you know what kind of person you want to be for the rest of your life, follows an important step, especially for us, women, and that is our wedding. At a point, any woman starts to dream about her wedding. The perfect day will be to have her family and friends near and spend a wonderful day with her loved one.

 But what will be the perfect dress for her?


Choosing the wedding and bridesmaids dresses it is of high importance and must fit with the whole event and its theme.

Whatever we pick we must take into consideration the person body, for a classy look. If you know how to dress it correctly, any dress will look incredible no matter if it is incredibly simple or it has powerful colors.

perfect details

If we are stuck and don’t know what to pick we can always look into the year trends, or why not Vintage Wedding Dresses. They offer such a wide variety of dresses and moreover they come with a unique story. The ideal dress

This year I believe that the bridesmaids will look perfect in the Purple Bridesmaid Dresses . It is one of those colors that  lights your wedding.

bridesmaid-dresses- the ideal dress

In the following pictures you will find dresses that I think will be suited for a special day like our wedding. Along with the vintage wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses everything must be perfect. Those dresses can be found on the website.. Also you can find their dresses for any occasion offering an amazing selection of wedding, prom, cocktail and evening dresses. Also all the above photos are from Aisle Style→ HERE. They guide you in a perfect combination of colors and are at your disposal for everything you need.







The ideal dress


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  1. As the photographer to one of the images you posted (top Claire Pettibone dress) I appreciate you using my photo. However, it is customary (and polite) to credit photographers when using their images. I’m sure all photographers would appreciate it if you did.

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