The little flower dress

Ramona Crisstea The little flower dress

In a few days I will be gone to the seaside with some friends to relax. The past days I was thinking what clothes should be perfect for the sea and I managed to find this little flower dress from Dezzal. Event though, the photos with the dress should have been taken at the sea, I decided to shoot some photos with it here in Bistrita because it fit so well with the good weather.

A few posts ago I was talking about the tendencies and trends for this summer and I can say that these loose dresses help you survive the high temperatures from outside. The dress is made from such a nice material and can be accessorized very easily. I was even thinking about wearing this address at a party that I will attend after I come back from the sea.

Create your own diversified style this summer and I encourage you to try new things to get out of anonymity. Doing this you will create a good impression and it will work in your advantage.Ramona Crisstea- The little flower dressRamona-Crisstea-The little flower dress

Dress – HERE

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


63 thoughts on “ The little flower dress ”

  1. That is a beautiful dress. I’ve always been a fan of summer dress style. My wife especially looks gorgeous in them.

    You look like you’re really enjoying yourself out in the sun. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Have a great time on your holiday! I might have to come and raid your closet while you’re gone. I’m nuts about this dress! Just stunning. 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Thank you too for taking the time to read my honoring of the Australians 100 years ago as they fought on the Western Front in WWI. Regardless of my allegiances and heartfelt respect just simply having served alongside Australians my entire career in the US Marines. I think it’s a blessing to all free societies that the Australians have always participated in anyway they could where justice was the aim. Good luck to you in all endeavors. You look to be well on your way.
    S/F, Shannon

  4. the dress is really gorgeous but that shoes, though!! that shoes is too fabulous!! 🙁
    thanks for following my blog, by the way 😀

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