It is as magical as I am telling you. There are beautiful places everywhere you go around Transylvania and every single one of them should be explored. We must learn to enjoy, protect and cherish these places. If the nature gives us as a gift it’s beauty we must also protect it and show the world that we have such a beautiful country full of unique landscapes and traditions. The magic is found in every colour of the landscape which reminds of our childhood and the beautiful memories with our grandparents or all the adventures with the childhood friends.

Most of the times we forget about those moments, we leave aside the childhood memories and we focus our life on the urban part that is very difficult and stressful. From time to time we must remember that the past landscapes are still existing in our country and we must appreciate them.

This is just a part of my magical Transylvania countryside.




I wore a beautiful yellow skirt designed by me.

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea



37 thoughts on “ The magic place from Transylvania ”

  1. Your words are as beautiful as the countryside.
    I admired that skirt in the first shot and was satisfied and disappointed that you had designed it. Satisfied because it’s fitting that it would be perfect for you–you made it! Disappointed because it’s a one of a kind, and I can’t waltz into a shop and buy it.

  2. From the top image, I thought you were going to re-enact Julie Andrews on the top of the mountain in Sound of Music. I can’t wait to her more about Transylvania…Cheers!

  3. Like some of the others, I saw you as the mirror of Mary Poppins. I can only imagine the beauty of Transylvania. You reflect it, in your words and in your countenance.

  4. It really looks beautiful! I swear, if I’m in Budapest for longer, I will finally make that pilgrimage to my ancestral home and trace my family history. It’ll be interesting, I’m sure.

  5. Surreal, just like an ethereal painting.
    The girl in yellow
    don’t think her mellow
    She has in her hold
    dandelion of gold
    Reaching for the skies
    a might sight as she flies

  6. Utterly beautiful & astounding photography. It could be described as “otherworldly” even! It’s a perfect moment frozen in time. This should be in some sort of photography gallery or something! You have a marvelous gift. Simply marvelous.

  7. As with any other piece of land contested between different peoples, Ramona Crisstea, Transylvania may well be beautiful, and beautiful women inhabit most every place. But the Hungarians and the Romanians have been at one another’s throats for a very long time now. Just because we say, Aint It All Pretty, doesnt mean the ground is not damp with the blood of massacres. Such as that ordered by the Green Arrow. You remember, surely?

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