Ramona Crisstea - Mistery of Huda lui Papara

A few years have passed since I visited this wonderful place. I wanted to visit it again and capture a beautiful moment with this unique landscape and phenomena that formed inside this cave. Sadly, after a few years I can’t say that everything was unchanged. The entire place that I knew changed drastically. Nobody had an interest in making this place accessible and easier to explore for tourists. However I wanted to showcase it as one of the places that you must visit when you visit Romania.



This cave has a wonderful history and I highly suggest you to read about Huda lui Papara cave. Even though it is not very accessible it has many visitors every day. It is a place with a wonderful uniqueness which unveils the power of nature over time and the somberness you experience when walking on the huge rocks that lie in front of the cave.

Exploring this place gives you a unique feeling and the chill that passes through every pore of your body takes your mind to unseen places. It has its own story, a story that can be interpreted by every person in its own way. I enjoyed taking part of the story of this cave even for a brief moment. It is a magical place worth exploring.   ♥

crisstea nature

3Dress created by me ◊

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


57 thoughts on “ The mistery of Huda lui Papara ”

  1. The dress is gorgeous Romana. Is that silk? Thank you for the amazing pictures. They could work for the cover a great novel, especially pic #2.

    I think now I’ll read about that cave, and perhaps my wife and I will take you up on your word and visit. It looks terrific.

  2. Every nation seems to have a special place of mystery. I had figured Romania’s to be somewhere in the Transuylvanian Alps. To see that it is a cave, reminds me of the legend that the Pied Piper of Hameln led the children through a network of tunnels, until they emerged in Transylvania.

  3. The wonders of nature. I’ve never been to Romania, but it does remind me of the time I was in the Philippines. Absolutely gorgeous. The dress is spectacular as well.

  4. Such a beautiful place..your photography is amazing. To capture the aliveness of it! The dress speaks for itself and makes you dream of being that person in that gown!

  5. Very beautiful and breathtaking pictures! The way you describe the landscape makes it seem very magical and enchanting. I hope to one day visit Romania, I find it to be a very fascinating and beautiful country with such a rich culture and history!

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