The weekend is for me a continuous relaxation and I try to spend my time in the best way and enjoy the simple things. It is one thing that I never showcased on my blog, interior design. It is a part of me and always it urges me to create. Even though is quite difficult to always make changes in my house, I never stop searching on the internet and blogs for inspiration. This way, when I will be ready to make changes I will be prepared.




One thing that I really enjoy when redecorating my house is to do everything with my own two hands. It doesn’t matter that is furniture or anything else, I want to leave my footprint. One advantage is that I am studying engineering and that helps me understand better the proportions when I am designing something. I can tell you that is a unique feeling designing beautiful stuff.









Today I thought that I should show you the pictures I draw inspiration from and also to showcase the modern designs that I prefer. This time I have chosen a more modern, minimalist and youthful style because I am living in an apartment and I have to redecorate it in the most simple manner in order to get as much space as possible and enjoy every little corner of the house.


design-crissteawhite-crisstea simpl-crisstea desktop-crisstea

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


32 thoughts on “ The weekend ”

  1. My wife hates when I move things around in the house. We have to discuss is exhaustively, then she’ll settle and let me make the changes. Afterwards, she’ll fret and hate the changes until they grow on her. Because the room feels like there is more space, or it’s better organized. Or or or.

  2. I notice how the minimalist furnishing amplifies the grace and dignity of the natural forms – whether it’s the potted succulents, the feathery throw or the botanical drawings. Were you conscious of establishing that contrast?

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