The best advice that someone could give us is that we should start looking at a potential future rather than a past. We can create a wonderful word because reality gives us this possibility, moreover we should exclude the saying that “reality is harsh and sad”. Why? Because that is not true at all. The joy of life depends on the way we filter our reality and how we interpret it.



Let’s try and visualize life. Once we manage to keep in mind an image for more that 60 seconds, it turns in a virtual image. We must have a clear goal set in our minds and work hard to achieve it. How do we want to live, with who we should spend our time with, what would you want others to remember you for?



Soon you will come closer and closer to achieving your goals. Did you know that professional athletes always visualize what they will do during the competition and where are they aiming for. Sometimes even during the game. This is mental training and self-motivation. Everything is in our mind.



Life is a beautiful reality, we just need to polish our mind, never let go of our goals and have faith. Everything starts from us. We are the only ones who can make our dreams come true and I guarantee that you will know success.

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”

~Bob Proctor






Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


52 thoughts on “ Thoughts become things ”

  1. “The joy in life depends on how we filter our reality…” I have always said mood, perception can be changed if you are aware and willing to do so. It isn’t easy, but it is not impossible either! Great post.

  2. Reality is not what you make it. Reality is what takes place. Hit by a truck physically and or metaphysically does not magically turn to good. Part of reality is coping with adversity. Visualization can certainly help. Understanding exactly what you’re really dealing with and acting accordingly is far more important than painting a mind picture.

    1. I respect your point of view but in my opinion we are the creators of our reality and destiny.
      Moreover nowadays physics starts to demonstrate the interconnection between our mind and the world around us.
      Thank you for your opinion!
      Best wishes, R

      1. You keep what you responded in mind and go look at what is going on in Baltimore, Maryland. It is real and it is ugly and nothing you manifest is going to change that reality.

        Your reality could be in opposition to some other individuals reality then what?

  3. Hello again Ramona,
    Another post of amazing style and advice! https://atamotek.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/mariska-veres-her-father-hungarian-romani-lajos-veres/ shared this, one of my posts and I noticed you belong to his community. After you liked my post https://apauper2.wordpress.com/2015/04/17/the-distraction-of-attraction/ I did a post about your city https://apauper2.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/cluj-napoca-city-romania/ which Adelina Mărieş of Transylvania, Romania
    https://sicsiclasic.wordpress.com/about-2/ liked. Just saying…what a small world it is, when connected on the internet!

  4. Scientists will pooh-pooh this, but there’s a lot that they don’t understand: When we visualize the future with joy, we entrain a lot of little angels in the realization of our goals. When our joy is embraced by others that identify with those goals, the love we share creates a bridge into a future that pulls us forward.

    As GRHambley says, it’s important to avoid projecting ourselves into situations that are physically costly, because it wears our angels out. But they can do things for us that are almost impossible to believe.

    Chrissie Hinde put this into a song, but I think someone wrote it elsewhere first: “All of us are lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

    Here’s hoping that the angels bring your flowers together into a beautiful moment of joy!

    1. This is so true! We are all made out of star dust so we are interconnected!
      Thank you very much for all the positive feedback and support! I really appreciate it!
      Best wishes, R

  5. Reality is definitely what we make of it. Many of us do not realize that we perceive the world according to our past experiences and attitudes. Life can sometimes seem cruel and harsh , but that cruelty is simply a fabrication of our minds. However , whenever we see people suffering and being abused, we must act accordingly if we want the suffering to stop. But we must also realize that our thoughts dictate what we feel and that changing our thoughts would change our feelings and actions.

  6. Hi , I’m an Indian school going girl and was very glad to see that you liked my blogs. Your blogs are very nice and will surely help me to blog responsibly in future:-)

  7. Some thoughts based on this, addressed to the general public:
    Bob Proctor – he’s from The Secret, right? Problematic simplfying in that movie. The absolutist idea of succeeding in what you focus on can breed lack of compassion for those who are dealing with more adversity/hardships than yourself. Always ask yourself whether you succeeded because of what you did or whether it’s the other way round. Or a mix, and/or situation-dependent.
    What I find is that when people are not held back by an irrational fear of loss of individuality and thus create positive change in other people’s lives because they realize that they might not be able to succeed on their own, that is the real self-empowerment and messenger of love. In the worst and to some people most disturbing cases, a mindset of “always think positive” can be so emotionally alienating that it drives people into suicide. When you can manage to be positive, and it’s not in convenient denial while the world burns, be grateful for the opportunity, and do think positively, but embrace those who cannot do so into your heart and mind.
    There might be plenty of people who actively choose misery, but there are also plenty of people who would very much prefer to overcome it, yet cannot do it alone – and “alone” is the core of their problem. Many of the people in great pain in this world are so because of the pain of others, because they are healthy but sensitive, and thus lonely.
    Fear is the root of suffering, and personal sacrifice is something many people are afraid of. It’s either just too inconvenient or they made plenty of bad experiences.
    So this is a very deep topic and there are no patent solutions. Finding solutions based on individual situations is part of selflessness training.
    While words can be useful, still, so much potential to do powerful good can be lost in words. The one who wants to explain to the old lady why not being able to cross the street anymore isn’t that bad misses an opportunity to help her get across the street and thus show her that being lame isn’t a cause for sadness when you are in a loving environment. That which the words will not be able to accomplish; them being mere sugar coating. This is how one shapes reality. By living the reality you want to see. If you don’t help the lady across the street, you are creating a society of fearful individualists, and that eventually breeds a survival-of-the-fittest mentality.
    You get more of what you practice. When “think positive” is fueled by an avoidance of problems, then it will encourage others to do the same – think positive and ignore the problems. And it will get harder and harder to maintain a positive attitude.
    I have been told “Thank you” for my words. I have been called a hero for my actions.

  8. “Thoughts become things”…funny how that is true with our hearts too. Whatever is in our hearts, (thoughts), will eventually show themselves, (become things). If we are bad people with bad motives, it will show. But good people, with God’s love towards others, that will show through as well. And that’s living a life with a good purpose…

    Thank you so much for your visits every day!


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