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I am one of those persons which does not throw money on everything. Every thing I buy must have a usage in the future. Most of the time I see that my friends want something that will not work with their outfit and style. However they will still get it just because they like that specific item. When you want to buy something new you have to think it very carefully, especially if you are a girl. For example if you want to buy a bag to wear just for a couple of occasions or a few months, never buy a red or pink one. On contrary you should choose something simple, black and that can be matched with any outfit. The same principle must be applied when buying a coat. If you don’t wear on a daily basis fancy clothes you will look silly if you throw all your money on an expensive coat and the rest of your outfit won’t match it.

Many persons make this mistake and buy something when they need it. Because of that most of the time they will choose their item because of the colour or because they like it very much, even though it doesn’t match their style.

However, there is a solution to that problem. If you are that kind of person which does not invest so much money on clothes but always find yourself with clothes that don’t match, the solution is to buy items during the season sales. The only thing that you have to do is to be patient. Even though you will be buying clothes from past collections, I am convinced that most of you don’t follow the trends so thoroughly in order to need the latest collections. In order to get even more attractive prices you can buy the clothes from the last days of the sales. You just have to let go of that fear that “I will not find clothes of my size” and discover that a lot of money can be saved this way.

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What I wore :

Boots – HERE

Sunglasses – HERE

Other sunglasses model – HERE

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  1. Love your style. Stunning photos! As for shopping, I find it hard to not fall into the trap of “online sale”. You see, particularly on the internet, it can be addictive to browse through cheap clothes online. They always have beautiful photos but more than often the items delivered are not what I expected or they do not fit me perfectly.


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