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We already know this. How we spend our mornings influences the rest of the day. We try every time to be as relaxed as possible, thinking about having a perfect day.

One of my advice is meditation. When the air is still fresh we can concentrate on way more details around us. This way we can perceive a lot faster and more. Study your emotions because this way you will no longer be the slave of your regrets, impatience and confusing thoughts. Mornings are the best part of the day for meditation. This way you will forget about the present moment and I guarantee you will like it. Your purpose will become a reality when you will think about nothing else. Things become very simple.Ramona Crisstea 5Ramona Crisstea 2Ramona Crisstea 4

It is so nice so that for a short period of time all your worries disappear. You can accept every thought but don’t pay attention to it. This way you become relaxed.

Choose carefully the moment and the place to meditate. On a big pillow or a comfy chair, or anywhere you feel very comfortable and let yourself surrounded by serenity. Enjoy every day 20 minutes of quality time just with you.

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