Ramona Crisstea- vintage 5

We say vintage. But?!

When we say intuition we think it is a mirror because it does not create anything, only reflects. It reflects what there is.

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Ramona Crisstea- vintage 7

But when we say imagination we think about the creation of our own reality which is called dreaming. Intuition and imagination. Even though I use a vintage look it seems that I only perceive it, but at the same time it can’t be authentic because it is not worn in the same time period and because of this it becomes a simple imagination of what a vintage look is in my mind.

Ramona Crisstea- vintage 13

I hear so many time persons say “I wish I lived in that beautiful period… so much elegance” but I can’t agree more with them.

Ramona Crisstea- vintage

I wish to know why all this elegance disappeared. How people changed so much? So much elegance lost. Maybe to protected. I wish this elegance would make a comeback on our streets and also the elegance of speech. I wish vintage would be the tomorrow elegance.

Ramona Crisstea- vintage 6-horz

What I wore :

Handbag –HERE

Watch – Kapten and Son 

Shoes – Zara


Ramona Crisstea- vintage 12

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


40 thoughts on “ Vintage ”

  1. Very classy and classic. Then all you bring us is tasteful and class.
    You would make June Cleaver envious! I’ll leave it to you to look up that classic reference.

  2. Yes, there was an elegance to some of the older styles and it’s fun to revisit the looks but we have more opportunity for self expression now. I remember a time when there was only one hemline and one look. If that style didn’t suit you then you looked like crap. It’s easier today to find something that works for your body and your life.
    There is an elegance to the minimalist and Japanese inspired looks that I like. And, then, we can always dip into the vintage stores when we want to mix it up.
    BTW, the bag and dress work perfectly together 🙂

  3. (This is a bit lengthy, but I like to just let my thoughts flow when they do.)
    Careful about judging the past by what is being conveyed by media. There is a selection process, which is also why people see medieval times as much more appealing than they were. The aristocracy always has an easier time preserving their part of history.
    This is useful advice, because then you realize that you can find elegance in our times, too. In all times. If you feed the past with thoughts of longing, that energy cannot be invested in the present.
    It mostly boils down to monetary wealth combined with personal happiness. When those two come together, luxury in the form of elegant attire can be afforded.
    We can agree that there could always be more of such beauty and the world might still not find balance. That’s probably good, because then there are no worries of that kind interfering when bringing more and more of it into the world.
    Looking at what is, regardless of whether it is pleasant or not, also helps us understand what ails the world, what needs are met or unmet. Look at what people are wearing on the street, what cars they drive, and you know that working towards fulfilling the needs signaled through those things will eventually bring about that cherished beauty and elegance. As long as those needs are not met, it might mostly remain an awakening of longing and people will compliment you on your courage. And when people see others doing what they would like to do, too, they might think: “Well, at least someone else is doing it.” and they go back to their smaller, dimmer world.
    Then you realize that other people’s decisions are fully their own. You don’t overextend, you love and respect yourself, and then you don’t inspire people to do as you do, but to love and respect themselves, too, by being an example. The most profound and deep things are the most powerful, yet the most subtle, since the superficial covers everything up at first.

    1. Absolutely true! “…the superficial covers everything up at first.” We have more more and sophisticated vehicles and buildings now. Science has progressed and new discoveries made but people are still the same though. Two things are established: Life is uncertain and death is sure. So let us make the most of the opportunities we get to be better and beautiful people. Having said all that, the model depicted is looking very chic. Nice!

  4. The pictures are stunning! 🙂
    Loved the text you wrote. Really beautifully written!!
    Vintage rules!


    Xoxo Jessy

  5. I agree 100% with this post. I just love your dress so much! If only there were more elegance!! Of course, I say that as I sit here in my work uniform – very un-elegant!

  6. What I love about the classic look that you inhabit so well is that it reveals the energy and line of a woman’s motion without exposing her secrets. In this day and age of exposure, it announces a person that I would like to talk with.

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