It may be kind of difficult to guess the Palace only if you were into those kind of paintings. If you guessed, yes you are right, we are talking about the Palace Versailles. The Palace is very beautiful and is catching your eyes on every corner. I think I never took so many close up details photos as I did hear, for my own inspiration.

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IMG_2197 I really recommend to all the young persons to take the initiative and prepare for a day in the Palace because you also have free entrance for EU persons up until 26 years old, and you have to go straight at the entrance only showing your ID and passport. However, prepare yourself because is very crowded and you may want to go there in the morning and then to chill out in the gardens.

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In my own opinion the Queen really had an excellent taste of picking the most interesting painters of that era, and you can see this in these paintings.But about these paintings , we have to thank to the king, because these were a present for the Queen, a present consisting of portraits of his children who were taken away from the palace, for a long time.

These paintings were made by Jean-Marc Nattier(1685-1766) and something about his technique makes that blend of the colors so perfect. And the portraits really tell you that the persons from the paintings are exactly how they were in real life.

You know that always the frame is essential for a painting. Here, it really makes the difference. This painter I discover here in Versailles.

I did not study art and I personally love the unknown that’s why usually I get lost in the museums and I really want my own perspective firstly for painters work, with no elements of distractions from other critics.
This way, every time I will have the surprise to discover a lot of artists ,recognize art that I like and the new ones of which I fall in love.


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  1. Hello, Ramona – You’re lucky for the EU expansion. When I went to Versaille – way back in ’82 – the Iron Curtain hadn’t fallen yet. I went on a weekday during July and it was pretty empty in the morning. The gardens were a pleasure as well. I hope that they’ve maintained them.

    Though I actually preferred the grounds at Fontainebleau. Hopefully you’ll have time to take them in at some point.

    I’m not a fan of gauzy portraits. I’ve also got a grudge against the king that built Versailles. Let’s see if you can guess why!

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