Today we decided to make a trip in the Apuseni Mountains and relax at a barbecue, enjoying the fresh air. I never dress with loose clothes only because the situation asks for it and I never exclude jeans from my outfits. I prefer to dress however I feel and want. Having two new pieces which I received from Sammydress, I couldn’t decide which one to choose, because both of them were matching very well the outfit. I wanted to ask you what kind of girl you are, the one that prefers the backpack or the bag?

For me, I know that recently I choose more than often the backpack because has a very cute design and I can match it with every outfit. In addition to that, I can wear it at university because I can put a lot of things in it. However, the bag also has its advantages because it gives the outfit a special edge, but for me I still prefer the backpack more. You can find those items at a super price just by clicking on my pictures bellow.

Can’t wait for your opinions.

You can fin here the:

Bag – HERE

Backpack – HERE

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15 thoughts on “ What do you prefer Bag or Backpack? ”

  1. One can mix it up, right? Bag for a day out in town when you do not need to carry a whole lot or for evenings out and backpacks for longer days out, mostly while hiking or exploring a new place. Those denims are indeed pretty.

  2. I love the blue bag. Matches the jeans perfectly. I do think, though, that you can make any bag or backpack look desirable, Ramona. 🙂

  3. I find myself planning my next lengthy trip overseas to be a backpack trip. it is unlikely to happen, for at least three years, but a backpack seems the only way. In the meantime, I will use a small softshell bag, on the ensuing road trips, within North America.

  4. Your backpack is so pretty! I know that backpacks are supposed to be healthier and better for your back, but for some reason, I can’t stand them (at least not the regular sports ones. I’m fine with other materials), so I pretty much always wear handbags 🙂
    Great post and such pretty photos! Your outfit just comes together so well 🙂

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