Just a few years ago I was still thinking that I am mamma’s girl and will have to wait a long time until I can celebrate this day. But it seems that my time has come. Today is a beautiful day in which every single one of us remembers that we are women and that we are an important part of the society. We are persons that are willing to demonstrate that we want to grow and prove that nothing is impossible.

However, I know that every single one of you waited for this day to celebrate with your girlfriends tonight and this raises the question: What will I wear? Today is all about you and forget about uncomfortable things. Get that dress out of the wardrobe and feel fabulous. Life is worth living.

Women’s day caught me quite far from my girlfriends, but I know they will celebrate back home for me too. For now I am in Poznan, Poland and I am going to enjoy my stay here. In addition to that I expect recommendations from you about what to visit.

I hope my outfit  will be an inspiration for you today. I have chosen to wear a dress created by me with bell sleeves. I matched it with a simple pair of H&M shoes which you can find in the shop at a super price.

Happy Women’s Day,


21 thoughts on “ What to wear on Women’s Day ”

  1. You will be your mama’s girl until the day you/she dies. I learned this when my mother was dying. Too late. So give your mama a big hug and kiss because those must never stop; it is what mamas live for.
    Your dress is exquisite; a perfect cut, perfectly executed. It isn’t easy to line up those stripes. You have great talent.
    For women’s day, I hope that someday soon, we will all be treated with equal respect, regardless of sex or race.

  2. Poznan is near the area where my maternal great-great grandfather worked in the mines. The Imperial Castle, Old Market Square and the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul are sure bets for a fine visit.

  3. Great photos Ramona and, as others have said, the dress is superb. Good to see a woman ‘putting out there’ on this day. I first became aware of ‘women’s day’ when I first arrived in Romania on 8 March (1993). It was not then much acknowledged in the UK and still is not. i try to do my bit by doing a ‘grumpytyke’ post on this day, acknowledging women “remarkable, undervalued or oppressed”. There’s one or two Romanians mentioned in my yesterday’s post. Succes!

  4. I just found your blog. I am so obsessed, everything you do you do with class. You go around so gracefully. So inspirational. Thank you for promoting confidence and happiness. Louisa x

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