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There is a beautiful part of fashion when it reinvents itself. It is so great when outfits and pieces from past are returning with such grace. When the old trends are combined with the new ones, unique pieces are created. Handbags should never be absent from a woman’s wardrobe because they can help you in difficult moments and you can always impress with a unique bag. I can’t forget all my grandmother’s and mother’s handbags which were so unique and admired. I am so happy to live in such a time that those pieces are reinventing themselves and my generation can wear them.


In this post I am wearing a Wild Inga leather bag which I love. The simple lines and colors make any outfit get out of anonymity.

Wild Inga reinterprets elegance and refinement in one contemporary style. It addresses the modern woman who wants to be admired, not only for her beauty but especially for her elegance. Paying much attention to the innovation and manufacturing process, Wild Inga creates unique models for women bags, combining the structural design with the minimalist one.

Ramona Crisstea- Wild Inga Ramona Crisstea-Wild-Inga-bags Ramona Crisstea-Wild-Inga Ramona Crisstea  Wild-Inga bagdetails

Bag – HERE

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  1. I love that style, even at my age. I’m not one for bags. I tend to go smaller these days due to my shoulders being unable to carry much weight and if I have a large bag, I will fill it. I have several outfits that are similar in style though. My favorite look.

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