Could you please tell me five things that could fit with this tag, #wonderful? I am sure that you can because only on Instagram are over seven million persons that use this tag. I was wondering what inspires you. How many times did you have the opportunity to say #wonderful.

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Our life is full of hardships and if you forgot that you had some great moments just wonder how many time did you have the opportunity to say wonderful or beautiful. Recall those moments. All these words will come back with forgotten memories . Everything what needed to be done was to recall just a simple word and make you live again that moment. I wish this life would be easier and not be criticized for a pair of trousers that are different and everyone should accept their mistakes and not to exist envy and grief in this world. In my opinion these sentiments are useless.

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For us humans everything passes from an object, to youth, to life. I am wondering why we are fixating on these feelings. If we could accept one another everything would be perfect and no worries will emerge, worries that again are created by us. Happiness is just around the corner and comes only when we allow it. Why can’t we allow it to be present every time?

Ramona Crisstea - wonderful

What I wore:

Fur vest – HERE

Pink Bag – HERE

Simple Makeup – HERE

Shoes – Zara

Blouse – Zara

Jeans – Bershka

Best wishes,Β ramonacrisstea


24 thoughts on “ #wonderful ”

  1. Beautiful sentiments, and I agree, if only we could put away our pettiness than everyone’s life would be filled with a hefty dose of wonderful.

    I find meeting and fostering new friendships as one of life’s most wonderful gifts. Both sides win.

    As always, you look so beautiful. Peace and love to you.

  2. People focus on the tangible to measure their importance such as how much money they have in the bank account. However, intangible things such as health or happiness are usually not taken into consideration.

    The richest man in the world with no health is really just a person with no hope and can only say they will have a wonderful funeral. So how rich are you under such circumstances?

  3. Wonderful means to me:
    1. Being a dad.
    2. Being healthy.
    3. Dreaming big.
    4. Swimming in the cold ocean.
    5. Playing my guitar.
    6. Knowing that one day I’ll meet someone to keep for life regardless of the obstacles.
    And a lot more. Maybe you should have asked us about 5oo things πŸ™‚

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